A Lone Tree (2012)

Trees are my favorite things to draw. They are also pretty easy to draw since they are not constantly moving around. They are typically the perfect models and also great teacher because they are all so different. Go outside and paint a tree today!

tree 1


Flashback: Glia 2003

As I was cleaning out all the scrap papers from my office, I came across a very old sketchbook from middle school. I did not have structured art classes as a homeschooler, so I  would trace images out of our Disney beginning reader books. After I traced them I would go back over them again and again. I started using the facial and body shapes to make my own characters.

“Glia” as I called her is one such drawing. While the character is original, the shape is very Disney-fied. As a matter of fact if I am not mistaken, she is basically Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. She has different cloths, eye color, and a haircut but that’s her alright.


I wouldn’t say that I had a particular “light” touch at the time so you can see where I had trouble erasing my mistakes.


You see what can be done with a pencil and box of crayons? You may be thinking that this is very good for a middle-schooler with no lessons. Do not think that I was born talented or with a pencil in my hand because I wasn’t. I still struggle with proportions and the human figure and it is finally breaking free of the tracing that allowed me to have more affecting practice sketches. (TIP!) This drawing was basically an edited trace which taught my brain and fingers how to start when drawing the human body. Very soon after this drawing was done, I took the leap and tried to draw from real life instead of copying another artist’s work. My fingers already somewhat knew what they were doing and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. It was much harder than tracing, but it was a leap in a new creative direction and greatly boosted my artisteam!